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Welcome Every One!

The Principal Objective of Arham Vijjja is to awaken the superiority existing in you, a heartily invitation to you for the all-round development of person, family and society. A Warm Welcome!
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Gurudev Vihaar Schedule

AV Gurudev Schedule to be updated as follows:
अर्हम विज़्ज़ा प्रणेता पूज्य गुरुदेव उपाध्याय श्री प्रवीणऋषिजी म.सा. तथा सेवाभावी मधुर गायक पूज्य श्री तिर्थेष ऋषिजी म.सा.की सम्भावित विहार यात्रा
⏳09.11.22 कल सुबह 8 बजे बोहरा निवास
⏳09.11.22 कल शाम को टाटिया निवास
⏳10.11.22 कोचर निवास
⏳11.11.22 सुबह जैन कॉलोनी पावटा
⏳11.11.22 शाम चोरडिया परिवार महावीर नगर
⏳12.11.22 बनाट( सुरेशजी गुंदेचा रत्नागिरी वालो के वहा)
⏳13.11.22 भोपालगढ़ की और आगे चौकड़ी, जैतारण होते हुए कुशालपूरा (30.11.22 से 03.22 तक)
⏳2 दिसम्बर को आचार्य भगवंत और कर्नाटक केशरी की दीक्षा जयंती
⏳09.12.22 कोटड़ा होते हुए
⏳10.12.22 ब्यावर।
🙏जय जय गुरुदेव😊

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Arham Vijja Foundation is self-supporting through your donations alone. Your contributions allow the Foundation to continue its various Programs and Shivirs.
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ArhamVijja Teachers

Any good program requires good teachers/trainers to reach the masses, we are fortunate to have 1000+ trainers available in the country and abroad to expand the Arham Vijja programs. They are trained in various programs organized by Arham Vijja. The best part of these dutiful trainers is that almost all are trained by The Master himself.
The instructors of Arham Vijja themselves have adopted these programs in their lives and have benefited from them. And they have rich experience in training.


I am really very thankful to Praveen Rishiji Marasa for making my journey of motherhood energetic and joyful. As i progressed in this sadhana i have become more positive,more energetic,more relaxed and had complete belief and faith on the words

Rajshree Vikas Chordia - Chennai, 2014

Garb sanskaar sadhna gives lot of positivity n mental stability during the toughest days of pregnancy. By doing the cards daily i was confident of inculcating spirituality n emotional strength in me n my unborn...and now tat my son has turned 2,trust me he's de purest soul around! Thnks to Mita Kothari blore AGS fr teaching me this sadhana

Sneha Bohra - Bangalore, 2015

I am Anchal pradhan from MP shifted to mumbai after completing mba frm pune. Spent almost 10 years in corporate world earned good name n fame but at the same time did not give importance to health and my body took toll.I got married 3 years back and I got

Anchal pradhan - Mumbai, 2015
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